IPO Advisory & Distribution

Public Issues is the first sale of a company's common shares to public investors. This paves the way for listing and trading of their securities on the stock exchange. With expert analysis and timely advice, it can prove to be a highly profitable investment.

Advantages & Strengths
  • A leading position in primary market distribution for Equity and Debt.
  • Access to KSL's primary market research for IPO advice
  • Pre and Post issue live feedback
  • IPO funding facility for Retail and HNI'
  • Regular updates on ongoing and forthcoming issues to investors
  • Online IPO application service
  • Current & Forthcoming IPO''s

For more information on KSL's IPO Distribution services, contact:

Mumbai: Mr. Siraj Shaikh | +91 22 40767373 / +91 9820559716

Pune: Mr. Amol Wahikar | +91 20 66220300 / +91 9822913278

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