Derivatives are financial securities that are reliant on or derived from an underlying asset or group of assets. The common underlying assets for derivatives are stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc. Derivatives in Indian futures and options trading financial markets have come a long way from being constantly avoided to becoming an essential part of one's portfolio. They offer a host of money making opportunities that help in minimizing risk in futures and options trading.


It is advantageous to invest in derivatives because it is low on cost. It also greatly increases leverage and allows access to unavailable assets or markets.


An investor might not be aware of the most lucrative markets or assets available to them.

How KSL Can Help In Derivatives
  • Process driven, clear cut with incisive coverage of stocks in the derivative segment
  • Excellent strike rate of calls
  • Futures and options trading strategies both for Individual stocks and Index options based on underlying Derivative Indicators
  • Seamless integration between fundamentals and derivatives to eke out special situation Arbitragestrategies. E.g.: Buybacks, rights issue, special dividends, etc
  • Daily reports that cover the length and breadth of daily futures and options happenings
  • Research backed by strong technical experts and futures trading brokers
  • Real time, intra-day trading calls
  • Initiation of same sector, low beta pair trading

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