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A perky practitioner:
Since 1998, Mr. Pranav Khandwala has worked on portfolios and other financial products (in his individual capacity) for clients. Enhancement of volumes and products on offer compelled him to incorporate a Private Wealth Group (PW) to aid clients more effectively as it would be manned by professionals with expertise in various verticals.
The mission of KSL's Private Wealth is to provide the highest level of performance, service, and integrity and information dissemination to its clients. This involves helping clients to maximize returns in favourable investment climates and protecting assets during unfavourable climates.
Standout Service:
Private Wealth is a service of KSL.
The Group is designed to keep clients abreast of the plethora of avenues for investment in all financial markets. It would facilitate the client in dissecting the economy and looking beyond the headlines.
This would be facilitated by latest inputs on the economy and value added research work by the investments advisors.
KSL's Private Wealth is recognized for its robust asset-allocation discipline.
This discipline is borne out of the logic to ride the uptrend of the long-term cycles of the economy and financial markets on one hand and identifying businesses (and stocks) with great future potential in the formative stages of their lives.
From the asset allocation model (the fountainhead), to the sector weighting and stock selection (basal), the firm incorporates a definable, quantitative approach. The process begins with deciding how much should be allocated to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, cash and other financial products.
Then, the investment advisor determines the best mix prior to picking the best fund option within those avenues that pass quantitative filters.
The goal of this disciplined approach is to prevent an advisor from taking decisions sans adequate research and succumbing to mere hearsay so as to meet the client's interests at all times. This discipline guides the investment committee in identifying promising avenues in attractive sectors during favourable market cycles. During unfavourable market trends, the discipline automatically attunes to a more Defensive mode, by switching weights to bonds and cash.
From asset allocation to stock selection, KSL is a premier wealth management firm...across the board.
The selected products pass through other screens that test for dependability of earnings expectations. Finally, the investment committee pours over the latest research available in-house from the fundamental analysts that track these companies.
Private Wealth keeps the clients' individual needs in focus and takes a holistic view of his requirements and risk taking ability. For this, an in-depth analysis of their skew in favour of particular financial products is made besides bearing in mind the family responsibilities likely to arise in the future in the backdrop of their earnings before recommending an optimal portfolio.

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